Retail Managment System / POS-system and Footfall solution for Retail business

Retail Store Scandinavia AB originated  in Retail and was formed in 2004 together with branch experts to help companies in the retail business on the Scandinavian market with what the Retail business require. Our mission is to increase the profitability in the Retail business on the Nordic market by delivering IT-based products and solutions in cooperation with market leading partners. Our focus areas are Retail Managment Sytem / POS-system and Footfall solution / People counter for small and large companies in Retail and public sector.

People counter




  • 26 September 2017

2015 installerades RS Count i 28 st norska butiker och i Sverige 36 st butiker.
Nu i höst installerar vi […]

  • Thernlunds Man & Woman

Thernlunds Man & Woman

  • 8 September 2017

Gatt ingår numera i samma koncern som Thernlunds och från och med hösten 2017 slås kedjorna ihop under det […]

  • Nordiska Galleriet – RS Count

Nordiska Galleriet – RS Count

  • 4 September 2017

Retail har Store installerat besöksräknare, RS Count, på Nordiska Galleriet i Stockholm.
Nordiska Galleriet har funnits i över hundra år […]