iVEND Retail Management System- A platform for omnichannel

iVend Retail is not only a Retail Management System it’s also a platform to create a omnichannel solution for Retailers. It’s a complete Retail Management System with POS, Mobile POS, Loyalty, e-Commerce, digital Passes, integartion etc. iVend Retail Management System enables 360 degree visibility of your inventory and customer activity, in order to:

  • Integrate online and offline shopping, allowing customers to research, buy and – if necessary -return goods anywhere
  • Sell more inventory at full price, increasing margin and reducing clearance markdowns
  • Create multichannel loyalty programs that incentivize customers equally, wherever they shop
  • Increase the product knowledge, recommendations and guidance available to store associates

Designed to meet the needs of omnichannel shoppers, iVend Retail consists of 7 modules, which can be configured alongside any ERP or merchandise management system.  iVend Retail’s cloud-based solution is designed for flexible deployment. Add modules on an ‘as needed’ basis to grow insights and capabilities alongside your company.

ikon1IVEND POSRetail Management System

iVend POS – turning the Point of Sale into a Point of Service omvandlar ”Point of Sale” till ”Point of Service” which enables quick and convenient customer transactions. With a choice of touch-screen interface or easy-to-use keyboard, minimal training is required for retail users to enhance consumer interactions beyond the taking of payments. This means:

  • Flexible configuration that’s easy to implement globally
  • Complete inventory visibility at the Point of Sale
  • Secure payment through country specific integrated payment systems
  • Customizable promotions execution and gift card functionality
  • Online or standalone options; not dependent on an internet connection




Increasing conversions in a customercentric environment now means stepping out from behind a fixed checkout, serving shoppers wherever they are in the store. iVend Mobile POS facilitates flexible customer interactions anywhere on the shop floor. It enriches transactions by giving store associates access to operational data, and can be used to ‘troubleshoot’ bottlenecks during peak trading periods. iVend Mobile POS can connect to a store server or to the enterprise server via the internet. This means it can be configured for use outside the confines of the physical store and is ideal for pop-up stores or events such as markets, fairs and exhibitions. Used as a tool for faster business expansion, iVend Mobile POS helps retailers to reduce the IT infrastructure cost


ikon3eCommerceIVEND E-COMMERCE

The growth of online shopping seems unstoppable – especially now that mobile commerce is generating fresh revenue opportunities. However, an eCommerce platform must do more than drive direct sales. Today, websites should work seamlessly with bricks-and-mortar to support the omnichannel customer journey. iVend eCommerce is a web application for iVend Enterprise, which permits:

  • A feature-rich eCommerce system that integrates completely with other iVend Retail modules
  • Visibility of a single stock pool anywhere in the business
  • Click and collect, reserve and collect, and ship direct to customer from store functionalities
  • Cross-selling and upselling to online shoppers
  • Management of transactions, loyalty points, images, gift cards and coupons
  • Straightforward analysis tools to ensure profitable product placement and promotions


True loyalty is based on shoppers’ lifetime value to your business – not the cost of a single transaction. iVend Loyalty allows retailers to reward customers for the way they shop in all channels, in a way that builds long-term advocacy. iVend Loyalty allows retailers to structure programs to fit the business model, creating multiple incentives across all sales channels in order to:

  • Develop flexible loyalty programs, configured around customer and product groups
  • Increase targeting and timeliness of customer communications
  • Incorporate service elements into loyalty schemes, not just points collection
  • Create tiered levels of membership and automatically promote members according to adefined set of rules
  • Capture customer data in all channels and use these insights to drive long-term loyalty and customer value

ikon5IVEND PASSESDigital-Passes

Three quarters of consumers won’t leave home without their phone, and it’s becoming an increasingly important touch point in the retail journey. In addition to browsing, buying and paying by smartphone, iVend Passes allow retailers to bring loyalty into the mobile environment. iVend Passes is a cloud-based subscription service designed to support a variety of marketing initiatives to shoppers’ mobile phones:

  • Electronically distribute loyalty cards, gift cards, coupons and passes to consumers
  • Create your own digital cards and coupons to customize rewards schemes
  • Enable customers to collect and redeem points across all channels, in a single location
  • Identify single stores or ‘geo fence’ activity to send push notifications to shoppers
  • Connect more effectively with consumers in an environment-friendly manner


iVend Reporting and Analytics gives you deep insight into your business and drive maximum return on your investment. Essential business intelligence is delivered on a single online dashboard, making it easy for businesses to:

  • Review the performance of products, product groups, customers, customer groups, promotions, channels and much more
  • Quickly create reports than can be shared across the business to enable positive change
  • Choose between standard and custom reporting tools for tailored feedback


Data drives success in omnichannel retailing and iVend Retail’s Enterprise module is the central application controlling retailers’ master data. This module defines key statistics – including sales forecasting, replenishment planning, promotions, gift cards, loyalty schemes and more – and replicates information across the entire retail estate. iVend Enterprise also collates transactions, such as sales, refunds, returns and store credits, to provide essential insights – particularly in two key areas: A single stock pool and connected customer experiences. One view of stock availability and location for reduced inventory costs, replenishment recommendations and increased customer satisfaction. Enterprise-wide loyalty programs across the company and across all channels enables customer segmentation, access to sales support and customer offering and create a unified image of the company.


The beauty of iVend Retail is its flexibility; the modules integrate across the store (pop up or permanent), online, mobile and can be configured for any size of retailer. With a choice between in-house implementation and on the cloud, iVend’s design and rich functionality keeps the cost of ownership low.  iVend Retail can be integrated with any standard business management solution through interoperable APIs, and is already integrated with several ERP solutions including SAP suite of Business Management Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and others. A comprehensive Extensibility Tool Kit allows iVend Retail to incorporate specific business requirements without affecting the core product, and it also ensures seamless upgrades. All iVend Retail customer-facing modules are PCI compliant, ensuring safe payments in all channels.


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Since an error in POS related equipment is very critical and may affect the sales, we have put a lot of effort into our support organization. By using modern systems, technical solution and service minded support engineers; we secure optimal availability and performance on our services and assignments.


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