Is your omnichannel strategy working for your customers?

iVend Retail’s omnichannel resource centre is bursting with tools to build your connected retail roadmap – scroll down to continue your journey!

Omnichannel  is to focus on the customer and offer tools that customers need to shop anywhere and anyhow.  It is about connecting systems so that customers receive a seamless shopping experience and a connected customer communication.



How your omnichannel strategy can build sustainable customer loyaltyitet

Are your customers rewarded both online and instore? I in 5 customers think retailer loyalty schemes are falling short by not linking channels. Download our infographic for exclusive insights from 1,000 consumers in 5 European markets – revealing why integrating digital and physical incentivisation through mobile can address these frustrations.



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What makes the modern shopper buy from certain stores?

Watch our retailer webinar in association with the British Retail Consortium (BRC) & Retail Connections for exclusive consumer insights. Drive higher store sales by moving to a single view of the customer and a single view of stock.



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Omnichannel video

Seamlessly connected retail channels to deliver exceptional shopping experiences with a degree of high-tech capabilities are all extremely important ingredients of modern Retail. Watch the video to see how complexity of eCommerce, mobile connectivity, and social media among other things, are changing the way consumers are finding and purchasing products and how iVend Retail makes it easy for retailer to join the dots together.




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The Omni-Illusion: why do customer connections disappear when shoppers reach the store?

A shopper enters the store…and the retailer knows nothing about them. At least that’s what your customers think. Download our exclusive report – featuring a survey of 1,000 consumers in 5 European markets – to find out why bricks-and-mortar is omnichannel’s weakest link.


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stockpoolMoving to a single stock pool for all channels.

Delivering on your customer promise begins with more effective inventory management. Download our ebook to discover how moving a single stock pool could reduce overstocks and cut total inventory carrying costs.


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