A footfall counter is the optimal tool to keep track of the most important thing you have – your shoppers! If you know when they’re arriving and how many they are you’ll always be a step ahead. You will get a valuable tool which helps you to evaluate the effect of commercial campaigns, customer events and the visual merchandising in your store. By using the visitor statistics you’ll also know what hours you have the most visitors in the store which makes it easy for you to do your staff planning in a cost efficient way.

Retail Stores footfall counter is easy to integrate with your POS system or workforce management system! By using these integration you can achieve important key values as hitrate (number of transactions compared to number of visitors) and put the visitor statistics in relation to your turnover, as well as increase the efficiency in your staff planning.



The statistics from Retail Stores visitor counter is simple, user friendly and easily accessible. You can access all your statistics via a web based interface, so it doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is. With a few click you’ll get clean and useful charts and data tables, ready to be printed. You can also compare different time periods and stores, or see your average visitor numbers for a certain period. Furthermore, it’s easy to save or export the reports to use them in other systems or as presentation materials.

The web interface has different access levels for different personnel, for example region manager, store manager and cashier, which assures that the right person always have the right information. In addition to this, multiple users can access the same statistics simultaneously.


Sample images from the RS Count interface


The actual visitor counter is a 3D stereo sensor from Hella installed above the entrance or area which you want to achieve footfall data. Since the counter gets it power supply via Power over Ethernet, the installation is very simple. The communicates with a cloud-based server that collects footfall data, either via existing network (OPEN VPN) or via 3G / 4G communication.

The footfall counter can easily be integrated with other systems through our open API.




  • Dashboard per store.
  • Schedule Dashboard and get PDF file by email.
  • Analyze store, compare stores, compare time periods, etc.
  • Get detailed information about when customers visit the store, down to every 15 minutes.
  • Separate adults and children (under 130 cm).
  • Choose between column, line, stapled column or area chart.
  • Support for own key ratios (KPI).
  • Weather-historical weather.
  • Divide counters into different cities, regions, and countries.
  • Export data to csv, excel, PDF files.
  • Integrate against POS system, BI system, ERP system to measure conversion rate.


  • 3D Stereo Sensor from Hella.
  • Communicate via local area network (OPEN VPN) or 3G/4G.
  • Open API.
  • Accuracy 98% even at large flows.
  • Light conditions – from 3 LUX and up.
  • Remote configuration.
  • Object Classification – distinguishes adults and children.
  • Object Classification – Excludes non-human objects such as carts, prams, etc.
  • Easy installation and configuration.
  • Automatic detection of installation height.


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