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18 September 2014|


In order to effectively sell products in both physical stores and online, you will need both a good POS software and a good online store solution. But it is not enough! To achieve the best profitability, the two systems should be integrated and work well together. Learn how Woolrich Store has achieved the overall concept together with Retail Store and the E-commerce provider E37.

The Swedish company Opportunity Brands AB is behind the Italian brand Woolrich franchise venture in Scandinavia. In 2009 the first Woolrich store opened up in Sturegallerian in Stockholm, and in May 2010 they launched their online store using the software of E37 and Retail Store.

“We experienced a rapidly increasing demand even from other parts of the country. The combination of physical stores and an online store provides many synergies and better accessibility for the customer“, says Johan Kock, founder of Woolrich Store/Opportunity Brands. ”Since we only need to manage the inventory in one place (in Retail Pro) it was easy to quickly step out on the web. Web sales have also been the core of our activities in social media, through blogs, Facebook and Twitter, which helps us to communicate with customers and fashionistas“.


To have a continuous connection between the web shop and the POS system is important when selling seasonal goods and limited stock that often cannot be ordered again. Johan Kock says: “We can sell the same stock in the physical stores as well as online. This allows us to maximize the sales of each item and get as little as possible left of this year’s collection that must be sold on the sale. Thanks to the continuous inventory synchronizations between the two systems, we eliminate the risk of an item that just sold out is getting sold on the web at the same time.”

The ability to add size charts/size guides per garment is another feature in the shop that has been crucial to Woolrich . When selling expensive products, it is important to help the customer to the right buying decision with a clear specification of the product (see example here).


The ease of selling to customers in other countries than Sweden using E37′s online shop has also been a key to success for Woolrich. To open the webshop in a new country, you just need to choose the currency and payment method, and enter the shipping cost. Taking out the correct VAT in international trade needs no consideration, as the E-commerce system handles it automatically.
“After we had enabled more countries and languages ​​in the E-commerce system, we quickly rose higher in Google’s search results and thereby reached international customers who are familiar with the brand. In that way we can sell out a larger portion of the collection at regular price and increase profitability“, Johan Kock explains.


Thanks to the close collaboration between Retail Store and E37 Woolrich is guaranteed continuous maintenance and further development of the web modules. “The cooperation between Retail Store and E37 have given us strong support during the recent expansion and a comprehensive solution to grow with. When you as a customer buys critical IT systems from multiple vendors you become dependent on the existence of competent support that understands and can take responsibility for the entire chain of IT systems. We think it has worked very well with Retail Store and E37. Support issues that emerged during the process has been handled quickly and efficiently“, says Johan Kock.


The outdoor brand Woolrich has always been associated with comfortable, durable clothing of the highest quality. Woolrich began operations in 1830 in Pennsylvania, USA, and the story is based on the local interest in wool and genuine American sewing. The family Rich, founder of Woolrich, came to the U.S. to live the American dream in the early 1800’s. John Rich II, the son of an English woolcarder, emigrated from Liverpool in search of happiness and a better future in the new country, America. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he founded a company that today has survived half a century of history and shows the world how to dress.

The company’s base was to provide the pioneers in the country with clothes mainly for forestry workers and farmers who lived in the wild in extreme climatic conditions. Through knowledge of the transformation of wool came orders from the army, which led to help with the development of Woolrich products. The most famous example is “Arctic parka” which was developed to withstand the harshest temperatures and should be worn by workers who participated in the construction of the great Alaska pipeline in the early 70s.


18 September 2014|


The POS system is the heart and brain of your store, something you should know well and feel proud of! One may feel anxious when changing system, since it is something new that will affect your staff’s everyday work processes more than you might think. Learn how Ströms Herrekipering did, along with Retail Store, to avoid irritation and loss of time and money through proper planning.

The legendary haberdashery Ströms, located in the building with the “thermometer” on Kungsgatan in Gothenburg, has been in the hearts of the citizens since 1939 and celebrated its centennial anniversary in 2006. Previously the target group was a grown-up and mature customer looking for classic clothes, but they have now also found a younger, more quality-conscious customer. Ströms received the grand prize for “The Best Multibrand Store” in Sweden in 2008. In 2012 Ströms decided to upgrade their existing POS system to Retail Store’s POS software Retail Pro. Per Rudhag, operations manager at Ströms, explains why: “The main reason why we chose to go with Retail Store was the quality and potential of the system and the commitment from the company’s support organization“.


The staff, a workforce of about 35 people, has a wide diversity in age and IT knowledge, but the management was clear about how they wanted the implementation to work in an early stage. The goal was to have a fully functioning system and trained staff within four days. Along with Retail Store, Ströms did an inventory of the staff, divided them into groups based on knowledge and informed them in advance of the planning. A great emphasis was placed on informing about the new system’s advantages in order to create a positive attitude, and to give the staff an opportunity to ask questions about the features. The training was conducted separately from the cashier desk in an office environment, ensuring that the staff was fully focused and able to concentrate on the education.

“The installation of our former POS system took away to much time and focus from sales and the customer. Along with Retail Store’s Support the implementation was smooth and educational, giving everyone in the staff the opportunity to ask questions directly and therefore ensured that they felt confident with the system when they came back to sales floor“, says Per Rudhag. Upon recommendation from Retail Store there was also a follow-up appointment a week after installation, to be able to catch up on any questions and comments that had arose since the implementation.


In 1886 Carl Hilmer Ström started a small tailor shop and clothing store on Torggatan 24 in Nordstan, Gothenburg. The location was at that time very central and the store grew into one of the city’s largest men’s clothing stores. During the early 1900s Ströms conducts an extensive mail-order business. The product range had been expanded significantly and included everything from clothing and shoes to tobacco products. In 1934 the construction of the new house in the corner of Kungsgatan and Västra Hamngatan in Gothenburg started. A very modern, 6-story functionalist-style building took shape. In 1949 the 18 meter high thermometer was installed on the building, which was at that time the largest thermometer in Europe. The building is in popular speech called “Ströms’ Corner” and has become a famous meeting place in Gothenburg.

In 1972 Alvar Ström sold the property and the stores in Gothenburg and Stockholm to the English men’s fashion company Austin Reed Ltd. In 1982 “Ströms turns into Ströms” again and the former business manager Åke Rudhag purchases the Gothenburg store from Austin Reed. The company is today called “Ströms in Göteborg AB”. In the year of 1981 the sales were SEK10 million and today it is about seven times more (SEK75 million).

Kalle Tollmar – CEO , Aplace

18 September 2014|

When we decided to grow our business, we changed to the Retail Pro business management system which ensures that we have a powerful system, allowing us to develop on a long term perspective.


18 September 2014|

Retail Store is a turnkey supplier when it comes to IT systems in our stores. Thanks to their products, we have a better control and increased our profitability.

Susanne Ekendahl, Retail Manager

18 September 2014|

Retail Stores visitor counters has in an efficient way assisted us in optimzing our staffing which leads to improved service for our customers. Now, it’s easy to analyze the customer flow in a more detailed way and to find how to make the staffing more efficient. The result is increased service level and sales figures.

Fyrishov want’s to have control.

27 August 2014|

Retail Store is pleased to welcome Fyrishov as new customer for RS Count – visit count solution. Fyrishov measures all their entrances by using 20 pc counters.

Fyrishov is Sweden’s most visited venue and the fifth most visited attraction. The business consists of swimming, sports, events, meetings and recreation.

The venue comprises both gymnasiums for sports, trade shows, meetings, events, and specially-equipped gymnasium and a swimming facility with park, swimming pool with 50-meter pool, teaching and training pool and relaxation area with gym.

“We want to have better control and more precise figures on how many visitors we have on our facilities, partly to be able to report to our shareholders and to support future staffing, etc.”
Kent Eriksson, Operations Manager Fyrishov

Thernlunds opening new store

23 August 2014|

Thernlunds Man & Woman- one of our oldest customers – opens new store in Tyresö Centre. We at Retail Store are grateful for the continued confidence as a supplier of IT solutions to Thernlunds . In all the stores we have delivered and installed Retail Pro POS software, RS Count visitor counter, digital signage, Swift Business Intelligence and Workforce Management system.

“Having Retail Store as a supplier of our IT systems in the stores is a great comfort to us. They know how we want it and has always acted with the quality, speed and professionalism both in terms of system solutions and support. “Jan Åke Edlund, CEO Thernlunds

Varberg mall has control

6 July 2014|

We at Retail Store is pleased to welcome Varberg mall as new customer of our visit count solution RS Count. Centre Management desired to have the knowledge about the number of visitors and get simple and good documentation to present to their tenants – the stores. The solution was to install RS Count visitor counter in the shopping center’s two entrances.

“Now we have full control and statistics on our visitors and can see the flow down per every 15 minutes if we want to. We can now also follow historical weather each day, which is a very good feature. In July, we had 151,040 visitors and it is a nice figure to account for our tenants. “Göran Borg, CEO Varberg mall.