The POS system is the heart and brain of your store, something you should know well and feel proud of! One may feel anxious when changing system, since it is something new that will affect your staff’s everyday work processes more than you might think. Learn how Ströms Herrekipering did, along with Retail Store, to avoid irritation and loss of time and money through proper planning.

The legendary haberdashery Ströms, located in the building with the “thermometer” on Kungsgatan in Gothenburg, has been in the hearts of the citizens since 1939 and celebrated its centennial anniversary in 2006. Previously the target group was a grown-up and mature customer looking for classic clothes, but they have now also found a younger, more quality-conscious customer. Ströms received the grand prize for “The Best Multibrand Store” in Sweden in 2008. In 2012 Ströms decided to upgrade their existing POS system to Retail Store’s POS software Retail Pro. Per Rudhag, operations manager at Ströms, explains why: “The main reason why we chose to go with Retail Store was the quality and potential of the system and the commitment from the company’s support organization“.


The staff, a workforce of about 35 people, has a wide diversity in age and IT knowledge, but the management was clear about how they wanted the implementation to work in an early stage. The goal was to have a fully functioning system and trained staff within four days. Along with Retail Store, Ströms did an inventory of the staff, divided them into groups based on knowledge and informed them in advance of the planning. A great emphasis was placed on informing about the new system’s advantages in order to create a positive attitude, and to give the staff an opportunity to ask questions about the features. The training was conducted separately from the cashier desk in an office environment, ensuring that the staff was fully focused and able to concentrate on the education.

“The installation of our former POS system took away to much time and focus from sales and the customer. Along with Retail Store’s Support the implementation was smooth and educational, giving everyone in the staff the opportunity to ask questions directly and therefore ensured that they felt confident with the system when they came back to sales floor“, says Per Rudhag. Upon recommendation from Retail Store there was also a follow-up appointment a week after installation, to be able to catch up on any questions and comments that had arose since the implementation.


In 1886 Carl Hilmer Ström started a small tailor shop and clothing store on Torggatan 24 in Nordstan, Gothenburg. The location was at that time very central and the store grew into one of the city’s largest men’s clothing stores. During the early 1900s Ströms conducts an extensive mail-order business. The product range had been expanded significantly and included everything from clothing and shoes to tobacco products. In 1934 the construction of the new house in the corner of Kungsgatan and Västra Hamngatan in Gothenburg started. A very modern, 6-story functionalist-style building took shape. In 1949 the 18 meter high thermometer was installed on the building, which was at that time the largest thermometer in Europe. The building is in popular speech called “Ströms’ Corner” and has become a famous meeting place in Gothenburg.

In 1972 Alvar Ström sold the property and the stores in Gothenburg and Stockholm to the English men’s fashion company Austin Reed Ltd. In 1982 “Ströms turns into Ströms” again and the former business manager Åke Rudhag purchases the Gothenburg store from Austin Reed. The company is today called “Ströms in Göteborg AB”. In the year of 1981 the sales were SEK10 million and today it is about seven times more (SEK75 million).